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Naa, not at the pub, you silly little girl. Because how many times have you been down that road. And because you have been so serious about meeting a good, decent gentleman, you know, the kind of man that you would be comfortable introducing to your mama and papa, you have been giving most of the men in these tough spots nothing but the cold shoulder. Unless of course, well, never mind that for now.

If you’re a Latino girl, you tend to run into all sorts of problems with all kinds of men. Of course, every single one you bump into, well, they’re never really the right one. Unless of course, well, never mind that then. Anyway, a good Latin girl like you should only go to the finest places where she can meet latin singles, those decent kinds who’ll also have lots in common with you, you know, the kinds that you would be comfortable bringing over to your mama and papa.

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Just put it in plain words in your profile what kind of man you are after. Make sure that your profile story is pretty decent too and sure enough, you will be reeling in the big fish, you know, the kind that you’d want to lay your table with.